Antípoda. Revista de Antropología y Arqueología

Antípoda. Revista de Antropología y Arqueología is a journal published every four months (January-April, May-August and September-December) that comes out at the beginning of each of these periods, and which was created in 2005 and funded by the School of Social Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).



Next Issues

Antípoda 28 – Human-animal relations in Latin America. A Multidisciplinary Approach

Antípoda 29 – Anthropology and Security

Antípoda 30 – Sports, Anthropology and Politics. Intersections for analysing the Contemporary World

Antípoda 31 – Thinking through borders: transformations, social struggles and border regimes in Europe and Latin America from a critical Anthropology

Antípoda 32 – The Anthropology of the image: mutual intrusions between art, philosophy, and anthropology


Open Call for Themed Dossiers

We invite national and international academic community to the open call for themed dossiers for Antípoda. The theme is open. Those interested in submitting a group of texts must name an editor who will serve as guest editor. You must download and fill out the following document by clicking on the link below and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FORMATO_DOSSIER_2_ANTIPODA.PDF. Proposals will be reviewed and approved by the General Editor and the Editorial Committee.



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